James Higham – Acting Chief Executive Officer and Accounting Officer, Head Teacher Henry Hinde Infant School – HighamJ@tlet.org.uk

James has been Head Teacher at Henry Hinde Infant School for four years. During that time the school has established itself as a successful single status academy (since 2012) with demonstrably high impact on standards for all pupils. Under his leadership, the school’s results have improved to significantly above national average in all core subjects from an on entry baseline of below national average. Attainment in foundation subjects and in the Phonics Screening Check has also increased significantly over the past four years and is now consistently above national average.

As the Head Teacher of the first converter primary academy in Warwickshire, James has first-hand expertise of non-centralised service provision and of the relevant administrative and business management structures that make academies successful.

The school’s current board of governance is structured in a way that mirrors that of Trustees within a MAT and includes a strategic board that sets the direction of the school and holds sub-committees to account. As the creator and a member of this board, James has an effective working knowledge of multi-layered governance and its impact on overall school performance.

In addition, James is chairperson for a local cluster of infant, junior and primary schools that provide school-to-school support, and has led a range of initiatives to support improvement across these schools. James has also been a trustee for a local charity based organisation for the past five years. These experiences to date have provided him with a wide range of transferable skills in relation to strategic vision, procedural thinking, professional support and challenge.


Tracey Burns - burnst@tlet.org.uk

As Executive Assistant, Tracey fulfils the dual role of clerk to the Board of Trustees and PA to the headteacher of Ashlawn School.

Tracey is experienced in matters of educational governance and regulatory compliance, having served secondary and primary school local governing bodies across Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.